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90.88% of pages are invisible in Google search results. Your competitors are using SEO to nurture and convert traffic into customers for their business.


The blue box is an example of where your business would organically appear on a results page

Search engine optimization is the process of strategically complying with Google’s algorithm in order to make your website appear as the most relevant link on the results page for a user’s keyword search.

Search engine optimization allows you to consistently show up in the results page and drive visitors to your website and this can be an ongoing business advantage against your competitors. 

Google’s algorithm looks for specific criteria to ensure the search results are the most relevant pieces of information for its users and designing your website and content to meet these criteria will lead to your business showing up higher on the results page over time.

This strategy is for a business that is looking to grow sustainably over time and would like to have a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run, not just a quick win.

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Dave Anand Digital understands search algorithms to ensure that you will begin to rank higher over time for relevant keywords for your business.

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