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Is social media marketing for you?

It is critical for businesses to engage with their customers on social media. Social media is the most popular online activity. People spend more time online social networking than they do emailing, searching or shopping. 


Your existing and prospective customers are putting out social signals everyday and if you’re listening then you can get their business.

Social media marketing is the process of strategically staying top of mind and engaging with your target audience on various social networking platforms. 

It is important to engage with prospective and existing customers to remind them of your products and services. This will increase the likelihood they remember you when the need for your products and services arises. Social media marketing will help to ensure your business is their first choice when needed.

Social media marketing requires you to have a plan in place to speak to your target audience in a meaningful way at the right time on the right platform. The goal is to always be engaging and activating your target audience by monitoring and listening for social signals.

This service is important for all businesses in any vertical regardless of how long or short their customer life cycle is. Staying connected to your target audience will help build loyalty which is your competitive advantage.

We are familiar with all the platforms of your customers

Dave Anand Digital is experienced in engaging your target demographic and can help you connect with your audience on their platform of choice.

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Dave Anand Digital relies on advanced social listening and targeting tools to ensure we are able to understand what your target audience is saying about your brand, on what channel and how to engage them effectively.

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