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Every company has a story. This is ours.
established in 2012

how it all started

Dave Anand Digital was founded by Hardi Anand in 2012 to provide simple marketing services for local businesses in the GTA. 

Dave Anand isn’t just a name, it’s Hardi’s father; he is a legacy, a testament to unwavering work ethic and a commitment to customer value. Inspired by his father’s principles and successes, Hardi Anand founded his own Marketing Agency, naming it ‘Dave Anand Digital’ as a tribute. Every strategy, campaign, and client interaction echoed the spirit of Dave—work hard, deliver value, and always find a reason to laugh.

The acronym for the company spells DAD and an easter egg written in the footer of every website built is “Powered by DAD” which is the way Hardi feels about himself.

Our Growth was slow and steady

With a passion for our work, obsession for good customer service and a desire to improve our capabilities we began to see organic growth. Our customers became our brand ambassadors and the referrals started pouring in. 

Focused on helping small automotive service businesses get their businesses online and into the digital age.

Broadened our horizons to health & wellness, fast food restaurants and boutique clothing stores. Also, did we mention, we landed our largest account, an Automotive dealership franchise with multiple locations across the GTA.

We hired more staff to help us continue our growth and provide the excellent customer service we are known for. Oh and an Enterprise level customer takes a chance on us and boy did we deliver!

We all moved to Toronto and went remote. We used the time saved to start giving back to the community that has gave us so much. Now, we offer pro bono services to local charities looking to scale their social impact in Toronto. 

Meet Our Team

We are a group of dedicated digital marketing professionals that have a passion for digital and creating awesome customer experiences.

Digital Marketing Consultant
digital marketer

I am focused on creating campaigns and developing strategies that drive results.

Parm Digital Marketing Consultant
Marketing Consultant

I look forward to understanding and solving the unique needs of my customers.

Surgs User Experience Designer & Developer
Lead UX & Development

I like to think through the user experience and deliver solutions that work and are intuitive.

Guljit Singh - Headshot
UX Designer

I am passionate about solving user problems and creating user experiences to delight customers.

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